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Styro Products Expanded Polypropylene

Gelpacks come in 1kg flat pak, 400gm sausage and 500gm flat pack.

  • 400gm sausage 260mm x 90mm
  • 500gm flat pack 320mm x 140mm
  • 1kg flat pak 320mm x 260mm

Getting the most from your Gelpacks!

  • There are many things which can affect the length of time that things will stay cold, including the ambient air temperature, the temperature of the contents at the time of packing, the volume of contents packed and the amount of freezer packs used.
  • Gelpacks will extend the amount of time that contents stay cold or frozen.
  • Gelpacks have a lower freezing point that loose ice and also less condensation will occur at the bottom of the container.
  • The fuller your container ()cooler is with cold product) the longer the contents will stay cold. Testing has shown that container (coolers that were fully packed) produced optimal results. A small container (cooler that is fully packed) will stay cooler longer than a larger, partially loaded cooler.
  • Warm air rises and cool air falls, it is therefore recommended to place the Icepack on top of contents for best cooling results.


Tea Chest Cardboard Boxes

We now have available brand new Tea Chest boxes made from the strongest recycled cardboard. A box for bulkier and lighter items - linen, clothes, cushions, toys, pots, pans, etc.

We also now have available brand new boxes for wine and books and other heavy items made from the strongest recycled cardboard.

These removal boxes will make your next shift much easier.


Specialist boxes which are cardboard leak proof outers are available to meet the standards for overseas air transport when requested, that is, United States internal air transport.

Specialist Cardboard Boxes

These are for salt and fresh water specimens. These boxes fit our Code 23 38lt lidded boxes mainly used for seafood, live fish and live coral.

Specialist boxes which are cardboard leak proof outers are available to meet the standards for transporting biological samples, pathology samples etc.

These cartons fit our code 15, 5lt medical box, and are sought after by Vets and Laboratories for freight or post of samples and product.


Moisture Absorbent Pads

Moisture absorbent pads are used to remove and lock away unwanted liquids from most forms of packaging.

These packages can be small over-wrapped trays in supermarkets or large containers.

These absorbent pads rapidly aborb unwanted water-based liguids in order to take the moisture away from sensitive products during shipping or storage.

All these pads have the ability to retain fluids within the pad itself so that no fluid is released even if it is under pressure.


The key ingredient in Chill Wraps is sodium polyacrylate, an amazing water absorber. It can absorb 200 to 300 times its weight in tap water and hold it in a gel.

Moisture Absorbent Pads

The benefite is that the gel does not release water so you can create an ice replacement which does not leak the way normal wet ice leaks.

The gel also absorbs more heat than normal ice. Chill wraps are a combination of plastic and fabric. When it is soaked in water, it absorbs measured qualities of water which can be frozen and used to replace ice.

Who uses Chill Wraps? Anyone who needs to maintain a product at a temperature between 0°C and 9°C for periods up to 48 hours.

The beauty about Chill Wraps is that you can reused them many times if you kept them clean and undamaged.


Styro Products Gympie

These inexpensive popular Australian made trays are used widely in the catering industry and also for clubs and fundraising committees.

  • Dimensions 360mm x 330mm
  • They feature a hygienic clear lid which enhances presentation whilst retaining a hygienic cover.
  • They will hold sandwiches made from 1 loaf of café bread quartered.
  • They are also popular for slices, salads, savouries, fruit platters etc.


  • Packing tape in 24mm and 36mm can be supplied for attaching our Clear PVC lids.
  • Polypropylene tape meets the mark for general packaging and carton sealing applications.
  • Will perform in temperatures typically encountered during shipping and storage.


19mm Strapping (towing) tape is...

  • Suitable for palletising and bundling
  • High impact strength – won’t split or break during transit and movement around the warehouse
  • Ideal if your pallets are lightweight and fairly stable – no pallet wrapping required
  • Premium grade polypropylene tape is even easier to apply with purpose built dispenser


Styro Products Expanded Polypropylene

150 mm crab pot floats are available.


Styro Products Gympie

Economy stamp pad ink is available in 250ml bottles suitable for workshop and warehouse use.

DS Stencil Ink is available in 1lt bottles.

  • Pigmented, opaque ink for use with rollers on porous or nonporous surfaces
  • Suitable for outdoor stencilling or when a permanent mark is required
  • Use DS Solvent when your roller, ink pad or stencil becomes tacky
  • Frequent wetting with DS Solvent gives trouble free marking and prolongs roller and pad life
  • Handy 1 litre bottle with pourer spout to control flow and reduce mess when wetting rollers and ink pads

No2 Artline stamp pads can also be supplied.


Styro Products Gympie

We can arrange to have your customized labels printed and attached to boxes for your convenience. Many of our discerning customers who want their product to stand out at the markets use this facility.

Labels are produced in quantities of 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 and are at the customers cost. We generally give the customer one roll (2,000) of labels and retain the balance at the factory for attachment to your boxes.


Styro Products Gympie

These soaker pads are usually found in the meat or fish cabinet at your local supermarket, absorbing unwanted liquids from your beef, pork, chicken, lamb or fish in wrapped trays.

They keep the meat in better condition than when it soaks in its own juices, maintain great presentation and reduce mess in the kitchen. They can also be placed in bags with whole chickens, preventing chicken wash leakage during storage, transport and opening.

COLOURS: Retail tray pads can be made in different colours (standard colours are White and Black). Some people prefer a black pad in a black tray or other combinations.

SIZES: Our stock sizes are two cell pads, 141mm x 64mm and 75mm x 150mm. We can make meat soaker pads in two cell sizes, 70.5mm x 64mm and 75mm x 75mm. The pads can then be cut to in multiples of cells, for example 2 x 2 cells, 3 x 2 cells. This provides a lot of flexibility in terms of absorbency.

LIQUID RETENTION: The key benefit of any gel-based absorbent is its ability to keep the liquid within the confines of the pad. Many small absorbent pads which do not use a Super Absorbent Powder will release liquid under pressure from the product or its wrapping. Our tray pads are designed to absorb and retain the fluid inside the pad, even under pressure.

Styro Products Gympie

The insulating qualities of the EPS keeps contents colder for longer.

Styro Products Gympie

Sidewall location lugs allow interlocking, thereby reducing movement of pallets and minimising excessive strapping.

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Strong yet lightweight and easy to handle. No assembly or stapling is required.

Styro Products Gympie

Versatility - one style of box can find applications across a range of products.

Styro Products Gympie

The clean white finish provides for excellent product preservation and sales appeal.